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I am 180… Throughout my life I have experienced many highs and many lows, only to come to the realization that I was stuck in a cycle of living a life of self-gratification which led to producing self-destructive behaviors such as low self-esteem, fear of failure, drug addiction, sexual addictions, homelessness and eventually incarceration. As my consciousness has been awakened I have come to understand my purpose in life. I am here to help others navigate the various obstacles that they may find themselves in, not knowing which way to turn or the right choices to make. 180 degrees is a place where you will be loved and accepted despite your past . If you can relate to any part of my story, then 180 degrees is the place where together will Empower you to be the best YOU that YOU can be.

Terry Vassar - Founder

From Aspiration
to Reality.

It's never too late to make a change. Helping one another reach milestones is one of the greatest feelings on earth.

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The Process of Learning.

180 Degrees teaches the basics along with advanced techniques. We understand that not one technique fits every individual. There are proven steps that are taken to maximize learning for each student. Many parents have trusted their kids in our hands, and we will continue to prove that we know what we are doing.

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